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How much does a website cost?

There is an initial 69.00 set-up fee. After that the monthly ongoing fee is 34.49. You pay the 69.00 + the first month's 34.49 fee online (103.49). From Month 2 you pay the monthly fee by Standing Order. All prices exclude VAT.

How long will it take to create my website?

After you place your order and discuss your exact requirements with us it will normally take around 2 weeks to create your site.

Can I use my existing domain name (web address) for my new Inspire site?

Yes, absolutely. We will provide all the information you need to do this and help out with the transfer.

How long is the contract for?

The contract is for 24 months from the date of site launch. Your domain name will need to be re-registered 4 weeks before the end of the contract. We will do this automatically unless you provide written notice 6 weeks in prior to the end of your contract. We will extend then apply a new 12 month contract which you will continue based on your existing standing order.

I have my own logo. Can I use this on my website?

All you need to do is provide us with an image file of the highest resolution you can find. The best resolution for using images on the web is 72 dpi (dots per inch). Resolutions higher than this are better for us to use as there is always some degradation in quality if the image is reduced in size. If you need us to include the logo in the Header be sure to provide us with your image file when returning your Website Content Pro Forma.

Can I customise the colour scheme of my website?

Yes, that is an important part of our package. You first choose one of our website themes but you are not held to the example colour scheme it uses. During the website development process you can tell us what colour scheme you want.

My business type is not listed, can I still buy one of your sites?

Absolutely, you can actually select any of the themes listed in any category for your site. So, say you are a plumber and you like the look of one of the Licensed Trade themes, that's no problem. We can customise any theme for any business type. We show example themes for some different business types just to give an idea of what the finished sites could look like.

Where are you based?

We are based in the United Kingdom.

Can you accept international orders?

Yes, absolutely. If your company is based outside of the UK then we'd be delighted to talk with you.

How can I contact you?

We'd be delighted if you got in touch with us. If the most convenient way for you is to use email then contact us at or by call 01738 700 006 during 0900-1700 GMT.

Live Help

Licensed Trade
      Modern Pub (Ref: 1)
      Nightclub (Ref: 2)
      American Theme Bar (Ref: 3)
      Hotel (Room Led) (Ref: 4)
      Community Local (Ref: 5)
      Food & Family Pub (Ref: 6)
      Traditional Local Pub (Ref: 7)
      Hotel (Food Led) (Ref: 8)
      Hotel (Bar Led) (Ref: 9)

      Ladies Salon (Ref: 10)
      Ladies Hair & Beauty (Ref: 11)
      Modern Gents Salon (Ref: 12)
      Unisex Salon (Ref: 13)
      Local Ladies Salon (Ref: 14)
      Modern Gents Salon (Ref: 15)
      Ladies Hair & Beauty (Ref: 16)
      Ladies Hair & Beauty (Ref: 17)
      Ladies Hair & Beauty (Ref: 18)

      Dentist (Ref: 22)
      Accountant (Ref: 26)
      Funeral Director (Ref: 28)
      Mortgage Advisor (Ref: 29)
      Photographer (Ref: 30)
      Wedding Planner (Ref: 31)
      Public Relations (Ref: 33)
      Insurance Broker (Ref: 35)

      Electrician (Ref: 19)
      Builder (Ref: 23)
      Garage (Ref: 25)
      Plumbing & Heating (Ref: 27)
      Sign Writer (Ref: 34)


      Gym (Ref: 20)
      Florist (Ref: 21)
      Jeweller (Ref: 24)
      Taxi Company (Ref: 32)
      Dress Hire Shop (Ref: 36)

Driving Instructors
      Driving School (Ref: 37)
      Driving School (Ref: 38)
      Driving School (Ref: 39)
      Driving School (Ref: 40)
      Driving School (Ref: 41)
      Driving School (Ref: 42)
      Driving School (Ref: 43)
      Driving School (Ref: 44)
      Driving School (Ref: 45)

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